About Us

Francis Smith – Lead content creator. 

I’m Francis, I am a tech enthusiast and have worked in the media industry for over 8 years! All aspects of my work are dependant on one thing, storing data! Welcome to my site where I share my knowledge on all things hard drive related!

I have worked across the globe for various film and photogrophy productions and every single one of them has come down to one bottleneck, data storage. The process is usually to record the data to three separate backups that are distributed to three individuals at three locations. That is how precious data storage can be in the professional world, let alone when we are talking about our own files and photos with their sentimental value that can’t be insured or recaptured. 

I use a hard drive in some form every single day, I have a drawer full of them and I have used a lot of different drives and devices, my intention is to share my knowledge with you and help recommend the best of the best so that you can rest assured your data is as safe as can be.

How we monetize this site.

Our site is monetized currently by affiliate links and ads. We aim to keep our ads as noninvasive as possible and our links are only to products we endorse or have first-hand feedback from trusted colleagues about.

Green Hosting

Our site is hosted on Green Geeks, a hosting provider that puts 3X the energy it uses back into the national grid. You are providing electricity by proxy while using this site! We think that’s pretty awesome!